What Does Experience Mean?

One thing I have learned about experience is that it is not immediate. It definitely takes time to build up a credible reputation, but time invested does not necessarily mean experience built. From what I have learned, there are many ways to build experience and for each individual, it will be different. Getting a job does not mean you have gained valuable experience unless you actually apply that which you are doing. More importantly, those that actually enjoy what they do, seem to have a better experience and thus their  ability to apply that which they know goes farther.Experience can come quick and quite frankly your ability to make quick decisions is a critical factor in the experience gaining process. We all have had things happen to us that we thought we couldn’t control, right? Well our lack of control was strictly based off of a decision to accept that situation as is, but the main point is that your ability to gain experience in situations that you feel you have lack of control in, is a reflection of your lack of self-control. You see, when situations happen to us that are out of our control, it is our ability at that time to take personal control of the situation. You will not be able to change what others will do, but you have the choice on what you can do about the situation. Those that are able to take personal control of the situations where the have limited control will gain the most experience because more often than not, they have to make the conscious decision to step outside their comfort zone and act in spite of limited control. So in essence, experience is made in the moment you choose to take personal control.

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