What is Your Breaking Point?

The biggest thing I notice in too many people is that they are easy to start something, but reluctant to pursue. This applies to anything you do in life. Whatever it is, you need to follow through. We will all come to a point where we want to back off, not pursue something any longer. I’ve learned that success is just beyond your breaking point. What is your breaking point? Well let’s first identify that each person is different and that we will see different breaking points in our life. On one side of the spectrum there are those who will do whatever it takes. Contrary to that, there are those that will stop at the first sign of a challenge. Things will get tough, there is no denying that, but each person, whether they believe it, or not, is bigger than their problems. A problem is something that you do not want to tackle, or is something that you seem to dwell on, or do not want to do, where as a challenge is a problem that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it done. All it really is is a different mindset, yet so many people look at a problem and don’t see a challenge, they just see a problem.

In the midst of all your challenges there will be points where you will question your direction, but remember that success is right beyond your breaking point. So is it possible to have multiple breaking points? Yes. Sometimes you will push through a challenge and at that point realize that you will have to take a different approach. Make your decision quickly and do not dwell. Taking a different approach is simply the next solution to the challenge at that point in time. For most they will barely make it through one challenge and when they have to go with a different approach, they will not continue. That is there breaking point. Those who are willing to go through as many breaking points as they can and do whatever it takes will be the most successful. If there is a way they will find it and trust me folks, nothing is ever final, there is always a way. Success is built on these breaking points. You may have hit a couple already, but do not let that stray you away from your ultimate goal. Albert Einstein found a thousand different ways to not invent the lightbulb. So Mr. Einstein went through many breaking points before he reached his goal. Remember that everything that is here in front of you: your computer, your iPad, your phone, whatever; They were all the success of many breaking points.

So what happens when you have accomplished what you want, what should you do then? Keep moving forward and take immediate action. Could you imagine if Apple stopped producing after their first computer? Or what if Nike stopped making shoes after the success of the first one? Well, good thing they didn’t because both are very important to the market that they serve. The point is that you keep going and as Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never give up.” Once you do, you will know your breaking point. Don’t reach your breaking point and stop. Successful people have thousands of them, yet it’s what they do when they reach them that determines their ultimate success. Keep going my friends. Life is easy, it’s people that make it hard. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Success is beyond your breaking point.


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