It’s time to think big…

My motto is that “if you are going to be thinking, might as well think big.” Thinking big means more than what it implies. Thinking big means you have to take the action necessary to make those thoughts become a reality. When it comes to thinking big, many people struggle due to the fact that they it represents a form of unrealistic thinking. In fact. as Will Smith puts things, “realistic thinking is the most common path to mediocrity.” To think big you have to believe there is no other option. You need to do whatever it takes to become what you want. You are only here once. If you are not going to think big you are leaving a lot on the table. I’ve also witnessed first hand that big thinking is the best way to inspire others. People love to talk to people that bring inspiration to life. Do your friends a favor and start to think big…Not only will it benefit those closest to you, but it will inspire them to think big and reach those closest to them.

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