Bringing it in Fast

Things are coming in quickly. Have some deals in the pipeline and hockey season is getting underway. I’m feeling a big year for the wings. Although they did not make a big splash in the off season they still have the talent to win the cup. That’s my expectation for them this year. Coaching season is also coming up here in the next few days. It’s going to be an exciting season. I been taught to commit fully to whatever it is that you are doing. If your going to do something there are two requirements: thing big and commit. It’s pretty amazing what we can do when we commit to something. Professional athletes are great examples. the dedication and commitment to what they want to do is unparallelled to what many of us know. Unless you have competed at those high levels, you truly haven’t experienced what it actually takes to become a professional athlete. In my opinion, nothing is more rewarding than what results from total commitment. When you have succeed from your commitments (to each their own), you can truly say say you have hit a level of “whatever it takes” that only few actually do.

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