The Root is Your Decision Making

Although the man in office is not who I elected to lead our country, I respect the decision of our country. America is a democracy and one for the people. Whoever is leading office and whatever your political views may be, we need to stand as one, work together and bring this country forward. Yesterday I got to thinking about this whole election craze and as Tony Robbins states, “In the moment of your decisions your destiny will be created”, whether you are aware of it or not. Either way it boils down to how you are choosing to make a difference in your life and those around you. The decision is in your hands, you create your path moving forward. Other people will influence your decisions, but they will not make them for you. It is you that makes every single decision. Each decision brings you forward, whether it is what you had intended to happen, or not. Let’s all commit to making decisions that move us, our friends and our country forward. Just a quick tip that has helped me has been taking a breather before making each decision. I’m going to make decisions quick, but I’m not going to rush into a decision out of any pressure. In fact, pressure during each decision is there only because you created unwanted pressure for yourself in the first place.

Lets all go #makeithappen and #godblessamerica

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