To get where you want to go, make mistakes

All I have to say is that I love making mistakes. The second half to that is learning from them. I see this out there and I often ask myself, “What keeps individuals from getting to where they want to be?” In my perspective, they are not willing to fail, to make mistakes. To succeed at anything, whether this be sports (especially sports), business, whatever you have to be willing to make mistakes. Being an athlete myself, I definitely made mistakes, yet it is the combination of those mistakes that brought me to where I am today, same goes for anything else you do. Often times, failure can be the best teacher. It helps you see how far you have come, as well as how far you need to go. It says a lot about someone who is willing to get back up after making a mistake, to admit that they are at fault and the best thing about it, is that those who get what they want, pick themselves back up many times. They just keep going.

There is much truth to the whole idea of learning from your mistakes. In my opinion, those who are willing to go out make mistakes and learn from them, will get to where they need to go, they will accomplish what they set out to do. For those that have a challenge with doing anything because they fear making that mistake, the first step is to have confidence in what you do. Second, don’t think about something so long that you talk yourself out of it. Just do your best with what you are given in the time you have and pull the trigger. You can correct yourself along the way. Do yourself a favor and don’t over think any situation. You can never know everything that will unfold from a decision. All you can do is make sure your prepared, have an initial plan to start with and learn from your mistakes.

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