Here’s a lesson I learned last year in business…

Let me first say that 2012 was a great year. Met some awesome people and enjoyed much along the way. What I have learned in business is that you are going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable. The best thing you can do is learn from them and move on. This year I had a lot of big things happen, yet there will always be some great learning experiences along the way.

Part of what my company does is buy online businesses. Towards the end of the year I bought a business online. It was great, ran things from my side, made sure we had everything lined up, we were good to go. As a side note, remember that you will not know everything before it happens. Just do it and correct along the way. Anyway, I bought a business. Things were going real well until the business was gone. I did not make the transition with the hosting for the online business and after the site was repositioned, it was soon gone. 

So what happens now? Well, I sat and thought of what I did right and what I didn’t do so well. It’s good to recap what you do and see how you can make things better. How else are you going to make it big? This was a great learning experience and although I did lose out on the investment made, there is much that I learned from making that investment. Whatever you do, it’s important to understand that things will happen. Make the choice to learn from what you do and move forward.

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