To those in college and beyond…

I’ll tell you what, college was a ton of fun. Met a lot of great people and have some great memories and met some of my best friends there. Let me tell you this. Whether you are just entering college, already in college, or even graduating, there is much to say about what you are actually there for. Now I’m not going to jump around anything. When it comes to grades…well I graduated, that’s what counts. I even have a few of my books on the shelf. The biggest thing I see, or talk to with those I know is the reason for going to school. Now going for the sake of going isn’t the right reason. Maybe it is, Who am I to state that fact? Now are you there to get better qualified to make it happen when you leave school? Well that’s something I hear as well. For those that I talke to who have already achieved the rank of college graduate it’s a bit different. Most of them remember the great times they had, as well as the people they met. Now let me say this…I did learn a ton in school. In fact, some of the biggest things I learned didn’t come from a textbook. Things like, how to talk with others, or better yet, social skills. In addition, I learned how to speak in front of people, as well as the art of preparation. I still have some good friends who are pursuing their rank as a college grad and they have their own reasons for being there, yet I so often think that some of us miss out on the best things in life because we are told that this is how things are, that this is what you need to do. Now let me tell you this…no one will ever make a decision for you. When you think about it, we can only speak from past experiences, things we have personally experienced. Taking what others have to say without doing any due diligence seems a little off track. The best thing we can do is trust our gut and learn from what happens in life. Simply get out and do it, don’t wait for things to happen, or follow a path for a reason that you are not committed to. Do things that you enjoy. That’s what matters.
When I sit back and think about the reasons I went to college, the experiences that I had changed my perception on what truly counts. Thinking about it, you should take risks in school, make mistakes and learn how to work well with others. Who ever said that you have to take a test by yourself? That is one point in case where schools are blinded by what they believe is the best test of character. Working well with others is one of the most important qualities anyone of us could know. Not a day goes by now where I am not working with others to accomplish something. In college, there should definitely be a focus on improving the art of teamwork within the classroom. Taking tests by yourself is a thing of the past. Especially with the costs of education, we should all be seeking experiences in college that will make us stronger when we leave. How many times I’ve talked with someone who crams for a test and the day after the test they have little comprehension on what they learned? Why commit to something and let it go after. To me this is a characteristic that many learn to do and it definitely carries over after school. If you learn to do something and then forget everything about it after it’s done, then why bother. When you are out of school, everything you do is a building block to being successful int the next project. Don’t do something just to get by, do it and build on it

Lastly, I think it is important to do something because you enjoy doing it. Why would you waste your time doing something that you don’t enjoy? Life’s to short. Have fun in college, but also use it as a building block to your life outside of school. As I said, most of what I learned was not even explained in a textbook. Some of it wasn’t even in the classroom. Take as much as you can from your experiences, where ever they may be. Life’s to short to sit back and cruise. Do what you love and everything will fall into place.

Let’s go make it happen!

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