Yea, I’m Making It Happen…

Hey guys, wrote this on the blog of our web design company. Thought you may enjoy…


There is so much personal growth and development advice out there. From books to videos and seminars to 1v1 coaching, we get a taste of it in some way, or another. The true test though, lies in our ability to change our mindset to get what we want. It is simple…if we are not getting what we want, then there is 1) something we don’t know and 2) something we are not doing to get us there. The “Be, Do, Have” principle is a great way to explain the process of getting results.

What we are getting now is a combination of what we do everyday. This includes the people we talk to, the books we read, the way we spend our time, etc. The combination of things in our life creates our being. To get something new requires that we first, do something different. We must do something to generate more sales. Whatever it may be, if you are not getting what you want, your doing must change. When we keep doing the same things over and over, yet expecting different results, that my friends is insane. If you do see different results it will be temporary and short lived because you must first change your way of “doing”. When we start doing things differently, we will naturally get different results. Our results, or feedback, will come in many forms, yet we must embrace this feedback in its entirety. Once we have continued to do things, our “beingness” will change. Who we are will naturally adapt to reflect our way of doing things. Trial and error is a great thing because it gives us “feedback” on what we are doing. It helps us to correct. With this, we create a stronger beingness.

Simply stated, the only way to change our beingness and get different results is to take corrective action in the things we DO daily. When we do this, we will receive what we want. All personal development and growth falls between wo we are (our beingness) and what we have. There are many approaches, but the key underlining thought will always be the corrective action we take to do things differently with the “why” we are doing it as the have component of our results.

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