Character is the true test of potential moving forward

Growing up as a kid and through my final years in college I truly enjoyed what school had to offer. That is the opportunities to better your social skills, build solid friendships and have some great times during a period where many will come into your life. Wait…you mean school isn’t what you brought home after the formal schooling is all said and done? Yes and no. While I did learn a lot from class, I most certainly learned the most from experiences not related to late night studying and the fun-filled lectures during class. School teaches us a lot of skills like preparation, time management and diligence to name a few, but for those of you who are going into the final leg of your college career, or maybe you are not there yet, let me share with you what I believe school teaches us the most. 

Hands down, school is a great place to meet friends. Some of my best friends come from my school days. Learning how to talk to people is a skill that we all need. I don’t care how smart you are, if you lack people skills, you will have a challenge with being successful outside of school. The key here is understanding people. In the classroom, some of the things that I did take away were public speaking skills and team work skills during projects.

Regardless of what you want to do later in life, the key during your school days is to have a bit of fun and meet some great people. It’s not all about grades anymore. Companies are looking for individuals that have a good attitude and personality. You can always teach someone a new skill, but changing someones being is more of a challenge. Staying upbeat and tenacious will get you much farther than any skill you learned in school. That’s my thought, to each there own right? While the education we get is helpful, it does not stop when you get handed that diploma. Make education a lifelong process. The world is going to change, that’s inevitable. Companies will come and go. It is those who are willing to learn and adapt that will see greater levels of success than those who just “get by”. Who wants to just “get by” anyway? Life is meant to be enjoyed, it’s time to take things less personally and have fun with what your doing. You only live once. Live it to the max! 

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