What Is It That You See?

Hey guys, I know that it has been a while, but I have a some good stuff for this post. A lot of great things have been happening in my life and I want to share some things with you that I think will help you see more opportunity, as well as help others. 

“There is a story of a farmer in rural America, who gets word of this great opportunity in a different country. This opportunity…is diamonds. He hears how this country is filled with diamonds and with his desire to be successful, sells his farm and heads out in search of these diamonds. Countless weeks and months are spent looking for these so called diamonds, but no luck. Well, soon enough this farmer gives up spends his days thinking of his “ill-opportunity”. Meanwhile, back at his farm, the new owner makes his way one day down to the river. While gathering water for his cattle he notices a shiny glare from the water. The farmer grabs this rock and becomes very amazed by the detail of it. He places it on his desk and soon forgets about it. One day, a traveler crosses the farm and asks for some shelter for the evening. While at the farmer’s house, he notices the rock. Miraculously, this rock is a very rare diamond. The farmer leads the man down to where he found the diamond. Soon enough, they find hand-fulls of these diamonds and both become very successful.”

Now this story has many different lessons, but I think the biggest lesson is that of, “what is it that you see in something?” Opportunity is only visible to those who see opportunity. Health is only to those who can see it first. For example, I am going to use an example that resonates with the real estate industry. Two different individuals could look at a beat up old house and one may see a beat up old house and the other may see a 5-star property. Same house, two perceptions. This though does not just apply to real estate. Two people could have the same position within a company and one could see it as a means to survive and the other could see it as a way to learn, excel and further one’s career. Now, I’m guessing that those who give positive meaning to things tend to be more successful. For those who just do something to do it, well…more likely they will stay in that situation until they make a change. On the other hand, those who put everything into what they do, go up and above and invest in themselves will see tons of success. 

If we all saw the same thing in everything, then wouldn’t we all be the same? I think so. The difference is that we all see things differently. Some of us see opportunity, while others see risk. Some say, “Oh, that can’t be done, while others say, “You know what I’m going to do whatever it takes to make this happen.” Now, how you perceive your environment is your philosophy. It doesn’t make it right, or wrong, true, or false, good, or bad. That’s what is true to you. Now can you change your philosophy? Absolutely. That’s what makes America the greatest country in the world. You have the choice to create the life you want. If your complaining, making excuses, or blaming everything outside of you, all that means is that your philosophy is not lining up with the environment around you. Now you will never be able to change what’s around you. The only way to get new results in your life is change your philosophy on things. Chances are that individuals who are seeing more success than you in any area have a philosophy that is more supportive towards success in that area. You can do anything you want, all you have to do is believe you can do it. Remember, it’s how you perceive situations and choose to react to what happens in life. It’s your choice.

Let’s #makeithappen

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