Success is in the Struggle

So often we come across challenges in our life and we give up, yet the most rewarding experiences and successes in life are those we work for. The true test for myself is seeing individuals put everything they have into something, failing…and getting right back up. The character of any person is tested in the struggle, yet the greatest joy out of life is conquering your challenges. One of my favorite quotes is that, “How you do anything, is how you do everything.” That quote really tells a lot about a person’s character. Now, we all make mistakes, yet your approach in each situation and how you see life itself, will be very much carried through every experience you have. It’s easy to be successful and it’s also easy to not be successful. Nothing truly worth accomplishing will not come without a challenge and how you see that challenge is very important. Some of us see a challenge and back down, while others look at a challenge and ask themselves, “How can I get passed this.” 


Challenges are most certainly a revolving door, yet you become bigger than them by bettering yourself and facing them head on. When life throws you down, the best thing you can do is stand up. We all have the decision on how we want to live our life and when I truly embraced the whole idea of personal responsibility was when I started seeing progress. When I was able to take responsibility for my actions and understand that where I am in life is  my responsibility, things definitely changed for me. We will all be faced with decisions in our life and how we choose to react to what happens and what we choose to give meaning to is the key to getting where you want to go. 

Closing things up, I would encourage all of you to make as many mistakes as you can. Learn from what your doing and don’t be afraid to fail. Failing is the journey and success is the destination. 


Much love,



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