What Living in America Means to Me

Since today is memorial day, I thought it would be just to write down what true freedom means to me. To live in the greatest country in the world for a lack of better words is amazing. Not only do I get to live each day with true opportunity, but I get to help others as well. Nothing can describe best what it means to live in america because we all have our own story. America not only gives each of us the same opportunities, but the opportunities are endless.

Living in America gives us all true time freedom and never questions, or choices because they are backed by freedom. America gives each of us the opportunity to better ourselves and bounce back from mistakes we have made in the past. In addition, America forgives and encourages us to go for more, not getting in our way, unless we ourselves get in our own way. America allows us to be with family and friends without question. America gives us the opportunity to fight for what we believe in, to stand true to our values. America will always be behind each of us regardless. America gives us freedom that I am blessed to have. God bless this country and those that fight for it’s true values!

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