Remember the date: November 2014

Dream big dreams. Man do I love that saying. It’s definitely a must to think big and go for everything you want. Life is simply too short to not get everything you want and there is no excuses to not being the best you can be. 

For me, I am constantly adding to my goals. Whenever I think of something that I want, I add to it and give it a timeframe. One goal that I am very passionate about is the goal to help 10 people become financially free my November of 2014. It’s a big goal, but you have to dream big. The fact of the matter is that I am not concerned where I will be. I know that if I keep improving myself, help others get what they want, I will get what I want…It’s that simple. 

One reason why I strongly believe in personal development is that in order to help others, you must first be on the higher ground. I want to help others get more, so for that I need to be more. Regardless of where things are at right now, it doesn’t mean that’s where your going. You can do something right now,

So remember November 2014, cause there will be 10 new successes in the world!

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