The Reality of Nine-Five

Each of us is different and we all have our own dreams and aspirations, but I always ask myself constantly why I do what I do and it always come back to the same thing: to have the “time” to do “what” I want, “when” I want, with “who” I want to do it with. Not many people can honestly say that they have that option and even when they think that they do, most of the time they don’t and the main reason is that they have to focus on surviving. When all you do is focus on surviving it’s tough to lead a life on your schedule because for most, they don’t get paid when they are on their time, they get paid for what they do on another’s time.

The reality of working on someone else’s time is that you don’t always get to focus on your dreams and aspirations, unless that is you are doing what you truly want to do, but most of us are where we are because that’s how we survive, not because we want to. Now that is not true for everyone. My thought is that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life, but if that’s not how you feel than things may need to be changed up a bit. 

So maybe you do love what you do and you know what, that’s awesome! You definitely stand a part from the majority, but just because you are with a solid company and you love what you do, doesn’t mean your dreams are at the forefront of the company. Remember who’s business you are building. Most of us have job descriptions and detailed outlines of what we have to do. Now do you think that companies do that for a reason? I believe so. It’s because they want to create a position that anyone can jump into. Now I’m a big believer that personalities sell and talent is always teachable, but things are not always like that. Business happens and for any of you who have been let go, or replaced, you will probably agree.

Now I’m not here to get down on anyone who works for someone else (I have held multiple jobs in my time). We all have our own dreams and aspirations and as long as you are moving forward towards those, I am excited for you. It came down to one thing for me. Did I want to spend the next 40 years of my life barely getting by, getting up and going to build someone else’s dream and maybe live my life when I retire in 40, 50, 60 years? Not really. My belief is that I would rather get on the 5-10 year plan, really grind it out, learn a ton along the way and “never” have to focus on how I am going to pay everything this month. Now I don’t expect you to drop everything you are doing and go head first into the world of entrepreneurialism, but I would definitely encourage you to step back and see what you are setting up for yourself in the next 20, 30 and 50 years. Where do you truly want to be? Each one of us can do what we do and still set ourselves up to be financially free in the next 5 years through a small, part-time investment. There are many options/vehicles and I have definitely found one that fits.

Truly, there is no excuse for not being where you want to be. Whether you think you don’t have enough time, or enough money, or enough of this, or that, just take some time to think about what you would do if money did not matter…now keep that in front of you all the time. 

Remember, “You can pay the price of discipline now, or pay the price of regret later”, the choice is yours. 

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