The End Of An Age Breeds Another For Those That Take It

Change is inevitable. It happens to us all. For things to change you must change. What “was” even 10 years ago does not apply today, but many of us still end up getting caught in the race…the “rat race”.

In sports you want to learn from the best right? To be great at anything would you go to someone who is great at what you want to do, or would you go to someone who is where you are at currently? The answer is easy…learn from the best. Ask yourself this…”Who are you learning from and are they where you want to go?” If no, it’s time for change.

The idea that you must work until you are 62, then retire is obsolete. We were all taught that as kids (at least most of us), you must go to school, get good grades (I have been a C, some B’s, student my entire life), get a good job and maybe retire when we are older. For some, that is not an option. If that is what you want to do, I respect that entirely, but it’s not for me and maybe you agree. Maybe you are wanting something different. You know what, you can do it! Everyone one of us has what it takes to do whatever we want to do, but we settle. Don’t settle. Go out and do great things, help people, be the difference, take risks, fall down, learn to fail (and when you do so, get back to it), keep an open mind and NEVER settle. 

There is opportunity for everyone who is willing to step up and take it. For those that sit back and watch, things will continue to be the same. It’s time to make a difference and help others. Don’t wait for things to happen, make it happen. Don’t wait for people to change, change yourself. Don’t wait for anything, go out and just do it! Check out this video, it really drives home the idea of what it really takes to make things happen.


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