Discipline Your Disciplines

I’ve thought a lot about the whole idea of discipline and what it means to me. More importantly, I think that it’s important to ask yourself what it is you want to do and discipline yourself so you can get there. I’m very intrigued by success and what do people do to have success in their life. This is not just a money thing, but the overall success to each of us, which if I had to break it down means, “Are you doing what you want to do” and “Are you accomplishing what you set out to accomplish.” Now if you don’t know what you want, more often than not, you will not find it. It’s that simple. I’ve been thinking a lot about discipline lately and how it truly relates to success. Now get this…What it takes to be successful in life will not be handed to you, you need to go out and take it. Both unsuccessful and successful have common ground in what it takes to be successful. Both understand it’s hard, that they are going to have to make it happen, sometimes without any reward, but the difference is that unsuccessful people do not do anything and successful people do it! When I think of success I see discipline…lots of it. You need to be discipline in what you do, what you say and how you lead your life, even when the pull from the outside is wanting you to give in. 

The pull from the outside is not unusual and more often than not it is not intentional. When you are doing something different, you will feel the pull to come back in. Do not do this! Be disciplined! All success comes with adversity. If you are not facing challenges on a daily basis you will keep going in the same direction. Only when you discipline yourself and push forward will you get to where you want to go. This is something that I battled and to this day still do and as tough as the decision of discipline may be, it’s needed if you want to get anywhere. 

So keep grinding, keep going, stay strong and always trust yourself to get where you want to go. Believe that you can, believe that you will because the only person who gets you anywhere is the one who looks back at you in the mirror.

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