A different angle on learning

Have you ever considered what you learn from the unapparent, hidden, and unspoken? While our senses pick up one thing, there is a whole other thing happening that we often miss. It’s not what the person may say, but what they don’t. It’s not what looks apparent that is the problem, but what is not readily apparent. Many things happen without us noticing, but they are still happening. It’s not because they are absent, but that our focus is on what is the loudest.

Learning is two parts: what you actually read, witness, experience, etc., but also what you don’t read, see, or partake in. Being able to learn from both will play a major role your growth as an individual. Didn’t see the results you want? Don’t look at the results, look at the process, habits and routines that were not implemented. It’s not what you did to get to where you’re at, but what you didn’t do. Change your focus. Once you look at learning from these two different perspectives, you will notice changes in your level of awareness that can only be obtained by focusing on what is unseen, hidden, and quiet.


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