Everything is a reflection of self

Everything is a reflection of self. Nothing is happening to us, only because of us.

When we reach this level of awareness, we understand that where we are at in life, where we’ve been, and where we are going is our responsibility. Should we accept this, life is that much more enjoyable. We can become more responsive and emotionally level, as opposed to reactive and out of control. Yes, life will happen, and yes, most things are out of our control, but we will always have a choice on the direction our life goes when we hit that critical moment. That critical moment can lead us to happiness, or drive us down a road filled with struggle. That critical moment can be the beginning of something new, or the continuance of something filled with blame, complaining and excuses. That critical moment is yours for the taking. What are you going to decide to do? No one else can decide for you.


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