How core values help us do the right thing

Doing the right thing is just that…the right thing to do, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be tempted, or enticed to sway from our values each day. Doing the right thing stems from having a good set of core values. For example, if “integrity” is a core value of yours, then you are saying that no matter what, “I value this over anything that may come by and try to take me off course.” I’m not saying you won’t be tempted, cause you inevitably will, but your core values, in this case integrity, will help you better vet your decisions and life choices. Even if you are “wanting” to do something different, integrity will hold you accountable to yourself. I say “want” because what we want to do, and the right thing to do, can be different to varying degrees. It is only when go against our core values that we feel pain. That pain can come in the form of multiple of emotions.

Needless to say, doing the right thing can be directly correlated with the strength of our core values. We may value integrity, but only our actions will prove whether that’s true, or not. Each day we make an array of decisions, but only when we have strong core values can we do what’s right, even if it’s not in our favor.


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