Pain is the Indicator

Our ability to push past pain will be a very important indicator in determining our success. Pain results from an outcome that we are internally, or externally experiencing and, as a result, gives us valuable feedback that we can choose to use, or abandon. By abandoning it, we are proactively declaring our lack of accountability. Whether we like it, or not pain happens because of us, not to us. If we believe we are the masters of our future, the captain of our ship, we are willing to take accountability for the results being displayed in our life. Thus abandoning our painful experiences, we declare our lack of personal accountability.

Learning to assess pain and properly use it for the better will make us more prepared for continual adversity. As adversity is always at hand in some form, or another, our gained awareness of each painful experience will help us to be better individuals.

Life is an ongoing story for each of us, and like any good story, there is painful moments infused with doubt, fear, stress, worry, and the alike. As we progress through the story though, let us gain wisdom from our pain. It will always be there. The better then question is, “will we be better the next time it comes around?”



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